Django Bates’ Belovèd

trio could be characterised as a left-of-leftfield postmodern standards trio exploring, celebrating, and deconstructing Bird and Bill Evans… and more. A neurotic reaction to the space occupied by piano trios from Evans’s to the Bad Plus, one of their central influences is the rhythm section of Bill Evans’s classic trio with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, embracing, Django says, “this very organic and sentimental way of playing”—but also its celebrated psychic synergy. The Belovèd Trio has played together for over a decade. Django was initially attracted by Swedish bass player Petter Eldh’s “punk” approach but Eldh is more evident as a warm, listening bass player. Drummer Peter Bruun has a gift for responsive protean rhythm that supports the music and his fellow players at a psychic level. (Ronnie Scott’s. 30 January 2018. Review by AJ Dehany at London Jazz News)

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