COLIN STETSON`s : SORROW, a reimagining of Gorecki´s 3rd Symphony


'SORROW', led by Stetson, is a reimagining of Henryk Górecki's most famous piece, performed by a 12-piece band including Arcade Fire's Sarah Neufeld, Saltland's Rebecca Foon, Greg Fox of Liturgy, Megan Stetson and more and recorded in 2015 in Brooklyn, New York.

“We all have those moments when we experience a piece of music that transforms us, and this was one of those moments for me," says Stetson. "Over the years, I went on to listen to this record countless times, always determined to absorb every instance of it, to know it throughout and fully. And this dedication to a thorough knowledge of the piece eventually gave way to a need to perform it."

"The concept was simple, and true to the original score. I haven’t changed existing notation, but rather have worked with altering instrumentation, utilizing a group consisting heavily of woodwinds, synthesizers, and electric guitars... The arrangement draws heavily from the world of black metal, early electronic music, and from my own body of solo saxophone music. The result is an intact rendition of Henryk Górecki’s 3rd Symphony, though one which has been filtered through the lens of my particular musical aesthetic and experience.”

LINE UP:Colin Stetson, saxophones, Sarah Neufeld, violin, Rebecca Foon, cello, Megan Stetson, voice, Daniel Bennett, saxophone, clarinet, Matthew Bauder, tenor sax, clarinet, Grey Macmurray, guitar, Ryan Ferreira, guitar, Greg Fox, drums, Shahzad Ismaily, guitar, bass, electronics, Justin Walter, EVI (electronic valve instrument), keys





RHAPSODY is an acoustic song cycle for sextet featuring the mesmerizing
Jen Shyu on vocals,and legendary musicians John Medeski, piano,
Nels Cline, acoustic guitars, Zeena Parkins, harp, Fabian Rucker, alto saxophone,
and the composer on drums,guitar, autoharp, and harmonica.
RHAPSODY (subtitled "In Transit") is the second part in a three-part series TERMINALS,  
music exploring the experience of travel.
Beginning from the point of view of a traveler sitting comfortably in an
airplane, RHAPSODY twists and turns, until the traveler finally arrives at a
strange shore - on a raft.



Myra Melford MZM Trio


Myra Melford/piano, Zeena Parkins/e-harp, Miya Masaoka/sounds. Three of the most innovative instrumentalists at work today, blending harp, piano, and koto with electronic sounds--the new trio of Myra Melford, Zeena Parkins, and Miya Masaoka is called MZM. Each made an indelible mark in the last three to four decades of experimental music, and their improvisations blend together all of the various histories that evolved from their disparate activities. From sound-art to noise rock to modern jazz, each are known both for their extensive output as leaders and their their work with a who's who of adventurous music: Bjork, Nels Cline, Steve Coleman, Dave Douglas, Mark Dresser, Fred Frith, Joseph Jarman, George Lewis, Lawrence "Butch" Morris, Pauline Oliveros, Yoko Ono, Henry Threadgill, Tin Hat, Christian Wolff, and many others.


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