5 QUESTIONS for Sylvie Courvoisier


- First musical experience or song you can remember?

Listening to my dad (who is an amateur jazz pianist), he was playing mainly boogie woogie and slide piano, my bedroom was sharing the wall with the living room where the piano was, he was payling even night everynight when I went to bed.


- First album you bought?

Thelonious Monk- Alone in San Francisco


- What does your family think of your music?

They first hated it, now they are getting used to, and started to begin too like it after 15 years :-)


- If your music had a color or pattern or material, what would it be?

Color: Ocre, material: fluffy


- A question you always wanted a Journalist to ask you but no one ever has?

How do you see your musical function as a composer and improviser?

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