5 QUESTIONS for Rachel Eckroth



 First musical experience or song you can remember?

- Rachel: "My parents bought my brother and I a toy that played a song called 'Playground In My Mind' - sort of a music box thing. Fast forward to about 20 years later when I played in my first show while living in Las Vegas with the artist who was famous for singing that song."



 First album you bought?

- Rachel: "- Pebbles - an R&B album from the 80s, but the first jazz album I bought was a Miles Davis record called 58 Miles"



 What does your family think of your music?

- Rachel: "I come from a family of musicians, music educators and music fans - so I think it`s part for the course that I am doing it as a career. My dad was my biggest fan, and the first to take me out to see live bands as a teenager"



 If your music had a color or pattern or material, what would it be?

- Rachel: "Some sort of melange of wildflowers and colourful swirls."



 A question you always wanted a Journalist to ask you but no one ever has?

- Rachel: "I`ll have to get back to you on this, it seems I`ve been aksed all the good and bad questions :)"

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