Ben LaMar Gay

5 QUESTIONS for Ben LaMar Gay


- First musical experience or song you can remember?

One of my first musical experiences was on Chicago public transit while in elementary school. Almost every day there would be an ensemble of older high schoolers on the city bus performing a call and response game called,"Gigolo". These performances involved loud chants and bombastic rhythms that would eventually lead to a soloist improvising dance moves to state who they are and how they in fact, do the "Gigolo". All of this sound was created while in rapid transit through Chicago's Southside.


- First album you bought?

The Coup -"Kill My Landlord"


- What does your family think of your music?

My family realizes that my music is a sound that they've been knowing all of this beautiful life that we've been sharing together.


- If your music had a color or pattern or material, what would it be?



- A question you always wanted a Journalist to ask you but no one ever has?

May we be silent together?

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