Samuel Blaser Quartet

For as long as he has been a bandleader and recording artist, Samuel Blaser has usually had a quartet that showcases his compositions and affords him the resources to investigate formal concerns. The current membership includes keyboardist Russ Lossing, bassist Masa Kamaguchi, and drummer Gerry Hemingway. On their most recent recording, Early In The Mornin’, an augmented version of the quartet reconciles jazz’s foundational, African-American folk forms and the structural imagination of contemporary composition. 
Early in the Mornin’ (OutNote Records, 2018)
Spring Rain (Whirlwind Recordings, 2015)
As The Sea (Hatology, 2012)
Boundless (Hatology, 2011) 
Pieces of Old Sky (Clean Feed, 2009)
7th Heaven (Between the Lines, 2008)

Humair Blaser Känzig

While drummer Daniel Humair, bassist Heiri Känzig, and trombonist Samuel Blaser represent three generations of Swiss jazz, they find ample common ground on their debut recording, 1291. Named for the year that Switzerland’s original three cantons united, the album honors their shared heritage by including “Guggisberglied,” a folk song that is nearly 280 years old. Their interpretations of tunes by Kid Ory, Sydney Bechet, and the Original Dixieland Jass Band, as well as original compositions by the trio’s members, update the exuberance of early jazz with their collective grasp of a century’s advances.  
1291 (OutNote Records, 2020)

Samuel Blaser Trio with Ducret and Peter Bruun

Danish drummer Peter Bruun joined Samuel Blaser and Marc Ducret for the first time in 2013, and as of the great pause of 2020 they have played over 150 concerts together. For several years that was the only way to experience their mercurial interaction, which encompasses lyrical melodic statements, hushed abstractions, and exhaustive explorations of their material’s myriad implications. While it is now possible to hear what the trio sounds like, each set is a new opportunity to share in their ongoing pursuit of discovery. 
ABC vol. 2 (Blaser Music, 2020)
ABC vol. 1 (Blaser Music, 2020)
Taktlos Zürich 2017 (Hatology, 2018) 

Blaser-Ducret Duo

Two facts inspired Samuel Blaser to initiate his partnership with Marc Ducret; he knew that he appreciated the French electric guitarist’s playing, and he knew that Ducret liked to play with trombonists. From this common ground has grown an enduring partnership, with each musician completing many of the other’s projects. In this duo, they use a repertoire that includes compositions written by both men as launching platforms to explore an empathy that transcends style.
Audio Rebel (Blaser Music, 2020) 

Blaser-Hemingway Duo

American-born, Swiss-based Gerry Hemingway has been drumming, composing, and improvising since the 1970s with many titans of creative music, including Anthony Braxton, Cecil Taylor, Marilyn Crispell, John Butcher, and Georg Graewe. He brings textural variety, rhythmic imagination, and an ability to relate all forms of music back to the blues; what else could a restlessly self-challenging trombonist ask for? In Samuel Blaser’s case, another opportunity to play with Gerry Hemingway.
Oostum (No Business Records, 2018)

Blaser-Favre Duo

Pierre Favre, the great pioneer of modern drumming, the sound color painter among jazz drummers, is working in duo with trombonist Samuel Blaser. Both of them have a fine feeling for the right tone, for what fits together, for the clear form. An interesting duo: trombone and drums! Together Blaser and Favre stand for two generations of top Swiss jazz musicians!
Vol à Voile (Intakt, 2013)

Samuel Blaser Solo

Solo trombone improvisers are rare specimens, and many current practitioners tilt heavily towards extended techniques. While Samuel Blaser does not shy away from such effects, he has established a singular solo language on his instrument by placing equal emphasis on melody, wit, and a proactive relationship to space and acoustics. On 18 Monologues Élastiques, his second solo recording, he uses the limestone walls and long hallways of the Funkhaus in Berlin to shape his sounds. 

18 Monologues Élastiques (Blaser Music/OutNote Records, 2020)
Solo Bone (Slam Productions, 2008)

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