There are extensive lists of collaborations and lots of legendary albums, and you can even discover numerous hidden treasures of his guitar jazz on YouTube: Ralph Towner. The late John Abercrombie once said in an interview that his friend`s compositions should be “put in a special place in America.” And this for sure is true. His music is like an embrace.
Towner`s compositions are not just earwigs. You can’t get enough of them because they are sweetly and touchingly beautiful and a strange melancholic type at the same time. They are like these sweets that get irresistible because of a pinch of salt. The Atmosphere of Towners compositions have evolved through the years. When you put on his old records, his music is joyful, light and airy. His approach to the instrument is so special and fresh. When you have the chance to listen to his works live, you will recognize that this all has become clearly something unique. His pieces like Anthem, If, Solitary Woman, and Father Time will catch you each time. Vienna Guitar Guru Karl Scheit once shaped his technique, which is just as astonishing. You can watch guitar pupils staring at him, with sweat breaking out on their brows ... Ralph talks about his teacher with deep respect, and he still practices for hours every day as if his fingers would not always perfectly find their way, as if his music could ever sound bad. He keeps finding new ways of playing and new catchy melodies after all these years on the stage. He turns 80 in 2020, and there is not one moment when he is not completely immersed into his music. How is this possible?

Ralph Towner Solo

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