Jim Black, Berlin based US-drummer known for his futuristic approaches and limitless techniques enjoys developing mindblowing musical ideas and inspiring musical audiences for over 25 years.

The founding member of Human Feel (Chris Speed, Andrew D'Angelo and Kurt Rosenwinkel) and part in some of the most critically acclaimed bands of the last decades (like Tim Berne's Bloodcount, Ellery Eskelin's trio, Dave Douglas's Tiny Bell Trio with further collaborations with Uri Caine, Dave Liebman, Nels Cline, Steve Coleman, Tomasz Stanko, and Laurie Anderson etc.) is now based in Berlin. Searching for new creative input he found new friends and like-minded and together they established some of the most futuristic and inspiring e-punk jazz projects.


Bunky Swirl


Players: Jim Black on drums & samplers and Elias Stemeseder performing on piano & synths

Exploring spaces between composition and improvisation, Jim and Elias pluck, press, rub, hammer and beat their instruments to create soundscapes on the fly. Highly energetic beats and dreamy sounds mix to an unique, fragile and ephemeral experience.


Chinzilla vs. EmC Splinter


Players: Jim Black on drums & samplers and Josephine Nagorsnik on trombone, vocals and electronics

Jim Black joins "Chinzilla" and adds speed and pressure to Jo Nagorsnik`s multidimensional compositions. Electronic Punk Poetry!


Jim Black Trio


Players: Jim Black on drums, Elias Stemeseder on piano and Felix Henkelhausen on double bass.

Looks like a traditional piano trio...




Players: Jim Black on drums, Elias Stemeseder on piano and Cansu Tanrikulu on vocals.

"I greatly enjoyed Melez, a new project featuring vocalist Cansu Tanrikulu. The music was super punk, heavy on electronics, distortion, and rock drumming. When I joined, it seemed like there was some sort of a spider opera going on (it was a festival of zoological operas, wasn’t it?). Lots of black leather was worn. It’s always good to see a jazz crowd doing some head-banging." (Alexander Dubovoy on Freejazzblog, 6.11.2019)




Players: Jim Black on drums, Liz Kosack on keys, Cansu Tanrikulu on vocals and Dan Peter Sundland on E-bass.

"Cats' movements and voices not only speak strongly to our imagination but also to our feelings and empathy. That is the imaginational space where MeoW, a multinational team from Berlin (...) gave shape through sounds of cat attacks, the hisses, spits, shrieks and laments. Once let go, the music exploded and freely and highly expressively, squirmed in all corners. Jim Black is completely in his element, Ayse Cansu Tanrikulu is an amazingly outgoing and catchy vocalist and both trigger, stimulate and incite each other. Dan Peter Sundland is the Oscar Wildeian cat lover and mysteriously masked Liz Kosack is the janitor of the cat empire. It was the greatest musical fun I have experienced in years." (Henning Bolte in All About Jazz, 26.10.2019)


Jim and the Schrimps

featuring Asger Nissen, Julius Gawlik, Felix Henkelhausen, & Jim Black

Asger Nissen – alto sax
Julius Gawlik – tenor sax
Felix Henkelhausen – acoustic bass Jim Black – drums

Recently relocated from Brooklyn NY, veteran drummer Jim Black leads a brand new band of some of Berlin’s finest young jazz killers. Featuring Danish alto saxophonist Asger Nissen, and the German shredders Julius Gawlik on tenor sax and Felix Henkelhausen on bass, this strong, tough, and fast-swinging band writes and plays original songs for quartet inspired by the music of Ornette Coleman, Thelonious Monk, Paul Motian, and Joe Henderson.

The recent Covid lockdown situation has been very difficult for artists in so many ways, yet at the same has presented a great opportunity to rethink, reassess, and design plans for a more effective and sustainable performing future.

This band looks forward to launching out into the traveling and touring circuit to do just that, with upcoming concerts around Europe and beyond.

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