Henri Texier

After Henri Texier changed from piano to double bass he almost immediately became one of the most sought after players in the Paris Jazz Scene – 60 years ago. He was just 20 when he played with Johnny Griffin and Bud Powell and won the Prix Django Reinhardt with only 32. It was with his own French Quintett since 2010 hat Texier found his very own language: intense, soft, a little melancholic? With Vincent Le Quang, Gautier Garrigue and Manu Codjia a very special atmosphere of mutual understandig evolves. When Texier`s son Sebastien (saxophoes, clarinets) joined the band, he added his own flavour to the perfectly balanced soundscapes, shaped by yeras of collective improvising. After Sand Woman (2018) they published Chance (2020).

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