„Songs of Ascent is a very new kind of book for this band. Themes in which I demanded of myself the major performer responsibilities, usually not the case in my music. Everybody is jumping on board a moving train. It’s a spiritual statement as much as a musical one. We share a lot of freedom in discovering these themes for these first performances. I am excited to hear and feel the results with all of you! This quintet began playing together in 2011 so it was fitting that we could come together again from our separate spaces to record this suite of pieces. Inspired by the biblical psalms, I wrote these while I was in the process of making Secular Psalms, figuring I ought to go and read the originals. There are 15 psalms known as Songs of Ascents. I found these psalms fascinating and inspiring. Each of these pieces was written inspired by one of them, except the first one, which I wrote somewhat impulsively on the day I decided to do this.“ Dave Douglas

„Douglas uses the standard jazz quintet mode of expression here, trumpet and sax with a bass, drums and piano rhythm section. But the sounds they make are not traditional. Neither would they be considered free jazz, but they do come together in a loose, freewheeling, on-edge collective voice which Douglas has been sharpening for more than two decades. Saxophonist Jon Irabagon goes out a good deal of the time. Pianist Matt Mitchell is chameleon-like, as always fitting into any situation he joins. The music proves itself, if not spiritual, joyously spirited. The brimming spirit is in them, and that spirit has got to come out. And it does, mildly cacophonous at times, often brash, assertively joyous, featuring spiraling and interwoven melodic lines. In a blindfold test the individual players might not be readily identifiable; but the Douglas sound, those whirlwind arrangements and fierce expressions of ideas, would be. (...) And the supposition that these works are not spiritual comes with a caveat. Perhaps they are; it probably depends on the ear of the beholder. But churchy sounding? No. This is passionate, well-executed, twenty-first century jazz, one of Douglas' finest recordings.“ -Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

„As ambitious as anything Douglas has done – and that’s plenty – Songs of Ascent creates a sound world both familiar and off-kilter, its impetus understood only by its creator, yet communicated for everyone to absorb.“-Michael Toland, The Big Takeover

Line Up

Dave Douglas, trumpet
Jon Irabagon, saxophone
Nick Dunston, upright bass
Rudy Royston, drums




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19.01.2023  AMSTERDAM/Netherlands - BimhuisTickets
20.01.2023  TILBURG/Netherlands - Muziekpodium ParadoxTickets
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