Erik Friedlander, one of the most acclaimed cellists and composers of his generation, will be touring Europe with his newly reformed band SENTINEL from March 7-24, 2024. The tour will celebrate the May, 2023 release of “She Sees,” Friedlander’s 23rd CD as a leader, and the fourth release since his diagnosis in 2016 with Parkinson’s Disease.
Friedlander was at first able to control the Parkinson’s tremors with drugs, but that no longer was an option as the drugs stopped having the necessary effect. In the summer of 2022, Friedlander received DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) surgery at NYU Langone, which eliminated his tremors. “I feel like I’ve been given a special gift to continue on with composing and playing the cello without the tremors, which made me self-conscious and also made playing the cello difficult. It’s remarkable,” Friedlander said recently. “You don’t really beat Parkinson’s but the doctors have defanged it for now. I’m lucky, I can live a relatively normal life.” Friedlander continues to be treated at NYU and looks forward to touring and making new music with Sentinel.
In addition to Friedlander, SENTINEL features new guitarist Wendy Eisenberg. Eisenberg is an amazing guitarist who invents a vibrant, unique language. Eisenberg is dedicated to the completely unconstrained exploration of music, language and time. Their work has taken them from conservatory to DIY space to concert hall, from performing improvised music and punk-metal to the quietest of songs. Eisenberg brings a hard edge and a soft heart to the band.
You will also notice we’ve added Stomu Takeishi to the band since our last appearance in Europe. On Takeishi’s addition, Friedlander stated that, “adding bass opened the music up and allowed us to explore the chemistry of the band, exchanging roles and playing in different formations. “The first recording had a more chamber feel. This one is definitely a bigger, more explosive sound,” Erik explains. “Stomu and Diego’s formidable rhythm-section drives the band, allowing for a louder volume, and makes it possible for Wendy to turn up and bring a rock’n’roll energy to the music.” Stomu has toured internationally as a member of Myra Melford's Crush Trio and trumpeter Cuong Vu's group Vu-Tet, he has also played with such musicians as Henry Threadgill, Don Cherry, Randy Brecker, and Wynton Marsalis.
The tour will feature music from “She Sees,” as well as new material. The band will also be performing some of Friedlander’s earlier compositions, which have been reinterpreted for the new lineup.
“I’m really excited to be touring Europe with SENTINEL,” Friedlander said. “We’ve been working hard on this new music, and I can’t wait to share it with audiences.”
The tour will kick off on March 7 and will wrap up on March 24, 2024.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the most exciting and innovative bands in contemporary music!


"..When they balance muscularity and mystery, Friedlander and his accompanists convey exhilaration."  --Bill Meyer, Downbeat Magazine
"Is it possible that cellist Erik Friedlander has never made a bad record? Not to these ears...She Sees is as adventurous and exciting as any album the iconoclastic musician and composer has made."  -Michael Toland, The Big Takeover.
"Er ist zurück und es ist für mich eine wahre Freude, Erik Friedlander so spielen zu hören. Seine Parkinson-Erkrankung konnte erfolgreich behandelt werden und so ist diese Musik ein Fest, die pure Freude an der Musik im Leben!"  - radiohoerer
"Auch "She Sees" (Skipstone) von DownTownStarCellist ERIK FRIEDLANDER beginnt recht rockistisch und findet zwischen freien NoiseAusflügen auch immer wieder zum BluesSchema (Sliding) zurück. Liegt sicher auch daran, dass an seiner Seite kein Klaviertrio spielt, sondern eine veritable git-b-dr-Band."   - Westzeit, JazzJanzkurz
"L'album s'ouvre en fanfare sur Baskets, Biscuits and Rain, un hybride de genre où le son agressif de la guitare et les accords puissants se mêlent à des lignes de violoncelle élégantes et enjouées. Suit Wit and Whimsy, une courte mise en bouche mordante qui met en valeur les talents de compositeur d’Erik Friedlander. Blink est une introduction funky à la guitare qui laisse place à une mélodie sournoise au violoncelle. Ce ne sont là que quelques exemples ; chacune des dix pièces de ce recueil est singulière. L'album suit l'esprit agité de Erik Friedlander alors qu'il crée un mélange de genres qui se fondent finalement dans un son propre à Sentinel." -Jazz Bonus

Line Up

Erik Friedlander, cello
Wendy Eisenberg, guitar and voice
Stomu Takeishi, acoustic bass guitar
Diego Espinosa, percussion




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