• OFER MIZRAHI TRIO November 2023
  • OFER MIZRAHI TRIO November 2023


Multi-disciplinary creator and primarily self-taught musician, Mizrahi’s distinct style is a fusion of Jazz, Folk and Eastern Music—a reflection of both his nomadic journey through life and passion for the visceral beauty of sound. His musical path is guided by his desire to expand the intersection of instruments and genres.

The trio explores a musical expression where Western, Turkish, Indian and Jazz music enter into a dialogue, and where the beauty of ethnic melodies is celebrated in the spontaneous and sensual vocabulary.

Mizrahi’s music navigates a space in which the transcendent resonance of music becomes a cross-cultural narrative, where traditional borders begin to blur, and then cease to exist. Mizrahi’s Whale Guitar, trumpet and vocals coalesce with the deep frequencies of the cello and double bass, creating a rich musical language that fuses east and west into a singular, mesmerizing aural experience.

As part of his exploration, Mizrahi designed and built his own guitar—The Whale Guitar—a modified version of the Indian slide guitar. With 24 strings, this unique instrument, which combines acoustic and electronic sounds, allows Mizrahi to generate extraordinary layers of tones and overtones.

„Ofer Mizrahi's talent is indisputable and it is only a matter of time before he breaks into the jazz mainstream and beyond. His music seems to know no boundaries.“- Marcin Puławski, Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji

„If McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra was one end of the ‘East meets West’ collision then this is probably the other.“ -Tim Dickeson, Jazz Wise

„I left this set with a feeling that I’ve truly just witnessed something new.“ - Andrew Read, Jazz in Europe

Line Up

Ofer Mizrahi, whale guitar
Mayu Shviro, cello
David Hai Michaeli, bass




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