• JULIAN LAGE TRIO October / November 2022
  • JULIAN LAGE TRIO October / November 2022


Album release September 16th, 2022 (Blue Note Records)

„Julian Lage, a self-proclaimed guitar nerd, can only be described as genius. (...) Lage is one of those rare individuals who exhibits a complete union of human and instrument. His guitar appears to be an extension of his body, and in sync the two undergo a sonic exploration that is awesome to witness. ...“ (Lena M. Tinker, The Harvard Crimson, 2.2.2022)

„Lage is a phenom, and not the sort who flashes technique for its own sake. Everything he does is in service to the music.“ (Fred Kaplan,

Julian Lage played a full-sized guitar Guitar on a stage at the age of 6. His father had decided to buy one after hearing Eric Clapton`s „Unplugged“ CD and they had started learning together. At 8 Julian already played with stars like Carlos Santana and in 1996 he was the subject in the documentary „Jules at Eight“. He performed at the Grammy Awards being only 12 and three years later gave Jazz workshops at the Stanford University. In 2009 he released his first album „Sounding Point“ (EmArcy) which was nominated for the 2010 Grammy Award „Best Contemporary Jazz album“. 11 more followed, also „Mount Royal“ (2018) with Chris Eldrige and „Modern Lore“ (2019) were nominated in the same category.
This sounds like this person – now age 33 – is incredibly talented and totally devoted to music. But there is still more about Julian Lage. He has been keen on learning since his father had started to explain scales to him and this passion inevitably led him to being a teacher himself. He is an empathic, mildmannered and extremely polite person. And as he is able to speak through his music, his music is not only technically perfect and hauntingly beautiful – but somehow touches the soul of every audience.

Line Up

Julian Lage, guitar
Jorge Roeder, bass
Eric Doob, drums




19.10.2022  LEUVEN/Belgium
21.10.2022  OSLO/Norway - Nasjonal Jazzscene, Victoria
22.10.2022  REGGIO EMILIA/Italy - Teatro Ariosto
23.10.2022  CORMONS/Italy - Teatro Comunale di Cormons
26.10.2022  BRUSSELS/Belgium
27.10.2022  NÜRNBERG/Germany - NueJazz - Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG / Labor Bühne
28.10.2022  AACHEN/Germany - Musikbunker Aachen
29.10.2022  ROESELARE/Belgium
06.11.2022  tourend


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