Name Album : LOCKDOWN

- Recorded in Bern, Switzerland on October 28 + 29 2020
- mixed by James Farber in New York, USA in February 2021
- mastered by Scott Hull in February 2021

label : Clean Feed , ,
Album to be out on 2nd April 2021

- about the trio
Sylvie Courvoisier and Ned Rothenberg have a history of highly sympathetic improvisational collaborations going back over 20 years of live performance and exemplified by their trio album with Mark Feldman, In Cahoots, on the Clean Feed Label. Each extends the musical language of his/her instrument through a highly personal vocabulary allowing them to play roles outside the standard ones (single line melodies for horns, chordal accompaniment for piano) and create a dialogue which operates on many musical planes simultaneously and may imply a wide variety of idioms without settling firmly in any of them. Now, as people have had to isolate in this Covid-19 period they decided to be in each others ‘pod’ and work on a new program of music including new co-written composed and improvised materials, contributions from each of their catalogues and some of their favorite tunes by others. For selected European appearances, they will add the brilliant Swiss percussionist Julian Sartorius, offering new avenues to expand their musical ideas . For Sylvie, the collaboration with this highly charismatic player started in 2004, when Julian was her student In the Musikhochschule Luzern for a weekly workshop. She noticed right away how creative and talented Julian was already in his early twenties. A few years later, She hired him in different contexts: a few duo concerts and as a sub for Kenny Wollesen in her piano trio for 2 European tours in 2016 and 2018.
COVID lockdown is the perfect occasion to create and rehearse this new band, they did their first tour in October 2020, during the pandemic, and recorded in Bern in October 2020. Their first album « Lockdown » will be released in April 2021 on Clean Feed,

Line Up

Sylvie Courvoisier, piano
Ned Rothenberg, clarinet, bass clarinet, sax alto, shakuhachi
Julian Sartorius, drums




06.04.2021  CHUR/Switzerland cancelled Corona - ;Jazz Club Chur
08.04.2021  AVIGNON/France cancelled Corona
09.04.2021  CENON (Bordeaux)/France cancelled Corona - Le Rocher de Palmer
10.04.2021  AMSTERDAM/Netherlands cancelled Corona - Bimhuis
12.04.2021  ANDERLECHT/Belgium - Werkplaats Walter
14.04.2021  OSLO/Norway cancelled Corona
17.04.2021  RÜSSELSHEIM/Germany cancelled Corona - Theater Rüsselsheim -Hinterbühne
19.04.2021  BOLZANO/Italy cancelled Corona - Carambolage
21.04.2021  WIEN/Austria - Porgy & Bess Jazz & Music Club
23.04.2021  PARIS/France - Centre culturel suisse de Paris
24.04.2021  VILLACH/Austria cancelled Corona
25.04.2021  ST. GALLEN/Switzerland cancelled Corona - Centrum dkms Diözesane Kirchenmusikschule


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