Théo Ceccaldi was successively voted French musician of the year by Jazz Magazine, and best new artist of the year at the Victoire du Jazz. He has become one of the most remarkable voices of the new European jazz scene.

He co-founded the effusive collective of musicians from Orléans called Tricollectif, and took an active part in various projects such as Loving suite pour Birdy So along with Elise Caron, the Tribute to Lucienne Boyer with the Grand Orchestre du Tricot, or the trio In Love With, led by drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq. Besides, Théo Ceccaldi joined the National Jazz Orchestra in 2014, the string quartet iXi, Daniel Erdman’s european trio Velvet Revolution, and the tentet led by Joelle Léandre.

Constantly looking to meet new musicians, he has been seen playing in various projects involving Louis Sclavis, Fred Pallem, Michel Portal, Leila Martial, Thomas de Pourquery, Vincent Courtois, Daniel Humair, Bruno Chevillon, Yom, Paolo Fresu, Eve Risser, Christian Lillinger, Emile Parisien, Mulatu Astaké or Philippe Katerine.

After he created the operetta Peplum with the punk poet Fantazio, he focused on the explosive Freaks, a psychedelic punk-jazz band, the electro chamber music duo Montevago with Roberto Negro, and Theo Ceccaldi trio’s new creation Django.


"Théo Ceccaldi masterfully renews what we thought could be done with a violin." (Télérama)


"Théo and Valentin Ceccaldi, in their thirties, have their own way of disrupting the jazz scene while seeking pure music. They are so pleasant, so true. They are said to be gifted, hyperactive and wild. Originally from the city of Orléans, the Ceccaldi brothers are creating some sort of galaxy that shakes the cosmos up." (Le Monde)



Montevago, a palace on the hills of Palermo, sumptuous and obsolete, full of poetry and nostalgia... It could be the décor of the new opus of these two figures of the European Jazz scene, truly modern and totally free. A place where tradition and innovation meet and create an audacious masterpiece, a delight to the ears but also unsettling. The violinist Théo Ceccaldi and the pianist Roberto Negro started their repertoire a few years ago with Danse de Salon brilliantly revisiting and rearranging, in small perfectly original pieces, gavottes, minuets, jigs, quadrilles and other mazurkas. Even though one can find, in Montevago, reminiscences of tarantella, habanera and even rodeo music, the inspiration is wider, even referring to the tragic reality of migrants in the title Zodiac Poisson. Once again, Italy is not too far...but what also makes this repertoire powerful is the amazing work on sound. Both musicians play around with the strings of their instruments with love and mastery, whether it is by striking, pinching, rubbing, caressing or forcing them showing the desire to extract the most singular sounds out of them as if there was still a whole world to discover out there. The exploration of the tones combined with the richness of the compositions invite the listener to the most noble thing music has to offer: the ability to be moved and imagine a better world. "The bond between Théo Ceccaldi and the pianist Roberto Negro is beyond comprehension. Well- deserved success. Standing ovation. With this level of work, it’s the least we can do." (Bruno Pfeiffer – LIBERATION) "A duo worthy of the best deserts. Two instruments rarely merge so perfectly." (Frédéric Goaty - JAZZ MAGAZINE) "Théo Ceccaldi plays the violin with a mastery that changes what we think the instrument could do. Robert Negro is a pianist inhabited by poetry. Their duo recommends itself." (Michel Contat - TÉLÉRAMA) "Until the very last soothing bit, our attention is kept awake and our pleasure complete." (Olivier Acosta - MOZAIC JAZZ) "As if it wasn’t enough to be mad, they are also brilliant. An inspirational concert full of unconventional youth, joyful humor and talent. A duo of geniuses!" (Alain Gauthier - CULTURE JAZZ) "Mind-blowing from beginning to end. Amazing!" (Xavier Prévost - DERNIERES NOUVELLES DU JAZZ)

Théo Ceccaldi Trio

This project is a collaboration of SAUDADES and OROTONE. Jazz musicians, especially French ones, cannot form a string trio without the influence of Django Reinhardt on their music. The Théo Ceccaldi Trio, a skillful and dynamic trio, couldn't avoid it either despite being used to exploring the most radical free improvisation. They were discovered and supported by the queen of French free music, the great Joëlle Léandre who was seduced by their youthful energy. She even wished to be featured in their second album a few years ago. With Théo Ceccaldi on violin, Valentin, his brother, on cello and Guillaume Aknine on guitar, the trio is no standard trio, combining a continuously renewed rigor in conception with a wild creative freedom, regardless of the repertoire. The trio works with original compositions “under the influence” and revisited big classics associated with the great gipsy guitarist. With its unorthodox orchestration (amplified guitar, cello…), the ensemble shifted towards a new form of “chamber jazz”, skillfully going from a chaotic lyricism to an expressive energy while using all the expected attributes of gypsy jazz (rhythmic energy, melodic grandiosity) amplifying its virtue and modernizing its codes. The Théo Ceccaldi Trio shows the extent of its mastery and the absolute freedom of its inspiration by opening new perspectives for this repertoire and finding more contemporary ways of expression. Théo Ceccaldi, violin Guillaume Aknine, guitar Valentin Ceccaldi, cello
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