“Munich-based collective that defies most typical genre association, Ark Noir blends electronic- inspired beats with instrumental improvisation to create new sounds derived from a plethora of influences. Not necessarily a “dance band,“ Ark Noir considers its music conducive to movement, capable of transmitting cinematic imagery into listeners’ minds.” 

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"…it is an exceedingly approachable mix of mostly jazz complexity, club basses and electronics. It is reminiscent in its constant turmoil of Miles Davis’ sinister Dark-Magus-era, yet originally dimmed to apocalyptic ambient moments with moaning, alienated saxophone, underlaid with precipitous four-to-the-floor-beats or stretched out to a spherical, rainy trap-cave with vocals" (Rolling Stone Magazin (Germany), 4 of 5 stars – July 2019)

"…for the rhythms on their trip through the tunnel, without time or destination or future, saxophonist Moritz Stahl and bassist Robin Jermer were inspired by slightly psychedelic-tinted sounds from the dance floor. This is the dance of the apocalypse… Ark Noir is thus in every listening-regard an adventure… Here is a young working band, breaking away to conquer new frontiers. And wherever the tunnel ends, the longed-for light just might still be somewhere in the music itself." (NDR Jazz Album of the Week, July 15th, 2019)

"With the puzzling band name that reminds you of a futuristic spaceship, the young Munich band-collective around drummer Marco Dufner wanted to create a symbol for their driving, somber musical world. But the quintet Ark Noir doesn’t let itself be reduced to science fiction alone; much more, the musicians with their harshly rhythmic fusion are quite anchored in the present day. (Jazz thing, June/August 2019)

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