• KRONOS QUARTET November 2022


“They treat all music with the same passionate fervour and deep respect that other string ensembles would usually reserve for classical music. And that really is all music. It doesn’t matter if they’re sitting down to play Hildegard von Bingen or Harry Partch, Geeshie Wiley or Alim Qasimov, Konono Nº1 or DJ Spooky; Kronos’ music spans a thousand years and six continents… One of the most important factors about the Kronos Quartet is that they are many more than four. Their extended family numbers in the hundreds. Collaboration has opened up soundscapes that would otherwise be inaccessible for a humble string quartet.” – Jim Hickson for WOMEX 18

"The most far-ranging ensemble geographically, nationally and stylistically the world has known.” – Los Angeles Times

“Kronos Quartet remains a living, breathing world-heritage site for music” – NPR Music

“It’s hard to imagine a time when the Kronos Quartet was not emphatically crossing musical boundaries, from its early days covering Jimi Hendrix to its most recent collaborations with Malian griots.” – The New York Times

"Kronos…a kind of all-terrain vehicle in contemporary culture" – The New Yorker

Line Up

David Harrington, violin
John Sherba, violin
Hank Dutt, viola
Sunny Yang, cello


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