• PETER EVANS „BEING AND BECOMING“ November / December 2021


Peter Evans’ Being & Becoming releasing in vinyl and digital formats April 1st 2020 on More is More Records 201 !!!

The first release from Evans' new group Being & Becoming, featuring some of the leading lights from the next generation of creative musicians. This debut album features a set of new compositions from Evans, moving between notated chamber music textures, free improvisations, deep grooves and telepathic ensemble playing.

"Being & Becoming represents a new chapter in Peter Evans' commitment to composition and improvisation in a small-group format. After working with a variety of ensembles that feature electronics, live processing and effects, Being & Becoming is a totally acoustic venture, utilizing some of the most dynamic and virtuosic emerging young players from the NYC scene; Joel Ross, Nick Jozwiak and Savannah Harris. Like Evans, all three of his new bandmates move effortlessly between very traditional musical contexts to the most forward-thinking.
The group has been slowly refining its concept since 2017 with concerts in NYC and internationally.. The quartet's 2020 self-titled record on Evans' More is More Records marks another point of evolution in his commitment to composing for small-group improvisation; the pieces written for the group begin as short "tunes"; compact frameworks of melody and groove, and are pushed to their limit, creating the sense of a vast orchestral landscape, exploding with sound, rhythm and energy." (press text)

Peter Evans, originally from Ohio, has long been one of New York's most sensational trumpeters. That's putting it nicely. Actually, he's a fanatic. Since the formation of Mostly other People do the Killing, he has been one of the young guns of the New York scene who practice music as an extreme sport. They maltreat their bodies in order to squeeze or beat out new sounds from their instruments. Here, a trumpet sounds like a manic-depressive elephant. Actually nothing reflects the spirit of the young creative Americans better at the moment. The world of Joel Ross is more melodious. He is currently regarded as the most promising young vibraphonist in the USA. Already as a child in Chicago, together with his twin brother he drummed everything he could get his hands on and found his way almost naturally to the vibraphone. He currently lives in Brooklyn and has appeared on groundbreaking albums such as Makaya McCraven's Universal Beings or Walter Smith III & Matthew Stevens' In Common. In 2019, Blue Note released his first album, Kingmaker. That's quite something for a young man in his mid-twenties. For Savannah Harris on drums and Nicholas Jozwiak on cello and bass, music is just one of their many forms of expression. The relaxed openness of the two is an indispensable polar opposite to Peter Evans and Joel Ross. Technically downright astonishing, Evans and Ross match each other in fast-paced and delicate motifs, which they pass on to or pick up from each other. If it weren't for the attraction of Peter Evans' unmistakable noisy tone and the vibraphone, which through Ross's fine sense of dynamics literally creeps inside your ear canals, the tempo and intensity would probably be borderline. Harris and Jozwiak capture the music and turn it into a sound frenzy you want to indulge in. (Sandra Hupfauf)

Line Up

Peter Evans, trumpet
Joel Ross, vibraphone
Nick Jozwiak , bass
Savannah Harris, drums




27.11.2021  tourstart
03.12.2021  PADOVA/Italy
04.12.2021  FERRARA/Italy
05.12.2021  end of tour


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